• Liberal-National State Development Minister delays Lake Kepwari yet again
  • Mick Murray and WA Labor to open watersports park within six months

The Liberal-National Government has blocked the Lake Kepwari opening yet again.

State Development Minister Bill Marmion has informed owner Premier Coal that their application to relinquish the former mining void to the State Government has been delayed by more red tape.

Collie-Preston MLA Mick Murray said the latest delay comes eight and a half years after the Liberals and Nationals took office and questioned whether the government even wanted to open the watersports park.

Mr Murray said if elected under a McGowan Government he would open Lake Kepwari to powerboats, jet-skis, water-skiers and wake boarders within six months.

Comments from Collie-Preston MLA Mick Murray:

“It has been eight and a half years and the Liberals and Nationals are still no closer to opening Lake Kepwari.

“The State Development Minister has delayed the latest attempt by the company to relinquish the land back to the State. After this long you have to wonder if they’ll ever open it.

“The company have kept up their end of the bargain but the government are refusing to play ball. If they were serious about opening it we wouldn’t be here in the same place eight and a half years after they were elected.

“Lake Kepwari would offer a new and completely unique tourism attraction in the South West. There isn’t anything else like it.

“It would become the South West’s go-to water-skiing, jet-skiing and power boating spot and provide new jobs and benefits for small business, tourism and hospitality in the Collie region.

“Importantly for many Collie people, opening Kepwari would take the powerboats off the Wellington Dam and bring a more tranquil feeling back to the national park area.’

“I and WA Labor will do what the Liberals and Nationals won’t – we’ll open Lake Kepwari within six months.”